Heatd Roof Systems ice dams

HEATED ROOF SYSTEMS offers you our exclusive patented technology that provides  a concealed snow melt mat, placed under roofing material to eliminate Ice Dams. These "Roof Rescue Mats", can be placed under asphalt shingles, synthetic slate and shake, and both standing seam and pro-panel roofing, giving you the continuous look to the roof edge. Shown to the right is two rows of our 10" heater on the edge of the roof keeping ice dams away. 

Unlike our competitors, an advantage of the Heated Roof Systems,  is that it can maintain the aesthetic look of the roof down to the edge, without requiring a noticable horizontal band. None of the other products on the market offer this, or a better solution to placing  our “roof rescue mats” under the valley metal, vs placing their narrow band of metal shrouded heat tape, on the exterior surface of the valley.